Gaetano Lococo

I am a highly motivated Senior level Graphic & Web Designer with over 15 years experience and proven success in strategic marketing, communications and brand management. I am confident you will find that my skill-set and experience are a perfect match to join the team and take the companies brand to the highest possible level.
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2011 - 2016

Marketing & Advertising Manager

At this high profile mediation and arbitration firm, I was responsible for developing individual, customized marketing strategies for the panel of Neutrals. Each Neutral’s product launch included: a custom website, email campaigns, digital/print advertising, direct mail, market segment data lists, speaking engagements, press release, creative editorial, published articles, sponsorships, and high caliber networking events to press the flesh. Responsible for the successful planning and implementation of a dozen multi-day trade shows annually. Responsibilities included: vendor registration, travel arrangements, securing Neutrals, design and production of all visual advertising, collateral and purchasing the promotional items. Designed and managed advertising placements in over 30 publications, evaluated the efficacy of advertisements and continually sought out new advertising opportunities. Developed and distributed a digital monthly networking events calendar. Collaborated with Neutrals to develop custom interactive websites and blogs using HTML 5, CSS, PHP and CMS.
FUNCTIONS Website Development Graphic Design Print Campaigns Advertising
Trade Shows Market Research Public Relations Digital and Direct Mail Marketing Networking


2005 - 2010

Senior Designer

At this award-winning full service media agency, I honed in on my client relations and production skills. I managed, designed and developed multi-media campaigns for over two-dozen active clients including: software companies, realtors, art museum, television, country clubs and more. Creating innovative editorial programing proved to be a successful approach in gaining unprecedented exposure for our clients. Partnering with a TV network, our team developed three different 4-6 minute video segments that aired for a period of three years. Serving as a key player of the branding and public relation team, I played a significant role in the multi-faceted production of a Million Dollar Home Raffle, benefiting a local non-profit. Due to its great success, we produced this notable campaign annually for four years.
FUNCTIONS Branding Graphic Design Interactive Website Development Logo Design Print Campaigns Digital/Print Advertising Media-Buying XML Galleries
App Design (X-Code)


2005 - 2008

Graphic/Web Designer

When flash interactive media was the Holy Grail of animated interactive websites, I was a key component of a 4-man team engaged to develop a dynamic flash web application. This innovative web application allowed the users to select a car, change the color, add body decals and then buy it directly through the web application. This breakthrough technology was a first to be used in the market place. The web application was showcased at automobile and tech trade shows throughout the nation bringing positive exposure to the company and earning several awards. Photographed automobiles, auto accessories and apparel at the in-house studio.
FUNCTIONS Web Design HTML CSS PHP JAVA Action Scripting
Graphic Design Digital/Print Advertising XML Galleries Apparel Design


1999 - 2003

Web/Graphic Designer

Project managed a team of six in-house designers and coders in the development of visual interactive and e-commerce websites from storyboard concept to completion. Designed and developed company branding, logos, typography, print campaigns, advertising, press kits and multi-media presentations.
FUNCTIONS Web Design HTML CSS PHP JAVA Action Scripting
Flash Animation XML Galleries Interactive Navigation Graphic Design Videography Editing